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My 2023 Kawasaki ZX4R-R Updated 05-20-2024

Updated: May 20

Modifications List

Updated 05-20-2023


  • Pending


  • ZeroGravity smoked wind screen

  • WoodCraft Delrin swingarm spools




Updated 05-20-2023

Great news and update but also bad news if you'd want to call it that.

First the good news. 😁

I finally own the third bike of my dreams the ZX4RR KRT edition with only 1,000 being shipped to the United States so whoever obtains one is a lucky person.

I'm one of those lucky people as I finally got to see the bike on the showroom floor while out and about on the Ninja400.

I hadn't heard anything about the bike so I stopped by the Kawi dealership to see what's up.

Here's what I saw. 🥰

Yup that would be mine with the SOLD tag on the seat.

I sat on it, caressed it a bit, and had a good look over the bike and she's a beaut.

I told the salesman I'd be back in a couple of days to pick it up.

I'd heard Kawasaki had good financing on the bike for 36 months @ 1.95% interest and I couldn't pass up on that deal.

I was going to pay for the bike outright but figured I hadn't had a loan in awhile so why not. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I love my Stinger trailer and hauled KeRmiT to the storage facility and installed the WoodCraft swingarm spools so I can put my new Moto-D full floating rear stand on the bike.

So Pete from StreetCustoms Racing and I worked out a deal to send my OEM wheels to MOS wheels to be used as a template for making some nice forged wheels for this platform similar to what I have on the Ninja400.

Off with the wheels it was. 😂

From here I added my website sticker to the rear cowl of the bike, removed the ABS stickers from the front fender, installed the new ZeroGravity smoked wind screen, and covered her up until I'm home again.

This will truly be a great platform to build on and eventually track.

I'll Also be on the street with it as well so thanks for peeping my new ride, until next time. 🤙

Updated 04-23-2023

Good news. 🙌👏👏

I called the dealership and they stated the bike is ready to ship from the warehouse so I should be hearing from them in the next couple of days about arrival. 👍

I've already spent money on a Yoshimura full shorty exhaust from Japan and some protection for the bike like case covers and frame sliders.

As time goes on more will be added and once the bike gets home I'll be sure to take some pics of the new parts and the bike of course.

Stay tuned.


Updated 02-19-2023

Yup I had to get this beauty.

It like the Ninja 400 but utilized an inline 4 cylinder engine that screams 15,000+ rpm's with a capable 75+ horse power.

I've put a down payment on it and I'm the first person on the list to get one from MSPowerSports my home Kawi dealer.

$11,300 out the door price.

This bike will be a cult classic in years to come so it'll certainly retain its cost over the years.

Yup I'll be riding it but probably not on track and will stay mostly stock.

Tail tidy, a host of bike crash protection, smoked wind screen, a tune, and probably some Dunlop Q5's to replace the stock tires.

A couple more pics to end the first post on this amazing steed. 🥰🤙


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