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My 2023 Kawasaki ZX4R-R Updated 02-19-2023

Updated 02-19-2023

Yup I had to get this beauty.

It like the Ninja 400 but utilized an inline 4 cylinder engine that screams 15,000+ rpm's with a capable 75+ horse power.

I've put a down payment on it and I'm the first person on the list to get one from MSPowerSports my home Kawi dealer.

$11,300 out the door price.

This bike will be a cult classic in years to come so it'll certainly retain its cost over the years.

Yup I'll be riding it but probably not on track and will stay mostly stock.

Tail tidy, a host of bike crash protection, smoked wind screen, a tune, and probably some Dunlop Q5's to replace the stock tires.

A couple more pics to end the first post on this amazing steed. 🥰🤙


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