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2021 Ninja400 Updated 05-20-2023

Updated: May 20

Modification list-updated 04-22-2023

TST rear tail delete LED tail light

TechSpech tank grip kit

Smoked wind screen

NortonMotorSport clutch cable spring mod

TST Pair delete block off plate

TST front fork axle sliders

ProBolt 7075 aluminum gold fairing dress kit

NortonMotorsports/ Barnett clutch springs

2011 GSXR1000 rear spring/ shock mod

NortonMotorsports GSXR L-bracket adaptor

NortonMotorsports 1.6 bar radiator cap

MotionPro radiator overflow tank

Generic radiator cover/ protector

Exotic Motorsports high flow radiator

TST rectifier relocation kit

TST frame sliders

MOS forged wheels in gold anodize 😍

Michelin Pilot RS tires front and rear

TST front led turn signals in smoked lens

TST captive wheel spacers front and rear

Driven rear axle red block sliders

Driven captive rear red axle blocks

Vortex adjustable levers

Domino grips

R6 throttle sleeve mod

Accossato quick turn red accent fuel cap

Driven Halo series 1.5" riser clip ons

Driven weighted bar ends

Spears Racing steering stop

Driven aluminum rear sprocket

Norton MotorSports super light drive front 13 tooth sprocket

Traxxion linear fork springs and spacers for my weight

Front fork preload adjusters from eBay

GB Racing engine covers from Norton

Scorpion bike alarm with proximity sensor

Samco red coolant hoses and clamps

Lucas Water Wetter and distilled water

Norton Motorsports light weight rear rotor

Vesrah RJL front rotor pads

All titanium hardware for rotors, calipers, and sprockets.

Safety wired for track days

Norton MotorSports modified seat

Spears Racing soft throttlebody spring

IRC quick shifter

Norton MotorSports full ECU tune

Modified OEM airbox as per Norton specs

BMC air filter

TST velocity stacks

Brembo 5.5" front rotor

CSRacing exhaust canister

Norton MotorSports straight clutch cable

Norton MotorSports clutch switch bypass

Starlane Stealth GPS4 lap timer


Update 05-20-2023

After a 5 week hitch on the road in the freightshaker I was ready for a ride.

Having to renew my Hazmat endorsement on my license I had to go to TSA for a background check and took the bike for the trip.

An amazing ride it was. 50+ mile round trip under perfect skies made for a great ride.

Not just great but a ride where I was starting to get used to the shifting of the bike, mastering the clutch for those perfect rev matched down shifts that sounded amazing when done right, and it once having numbness or buzzing feeling in my hands as I'm learning to use my core to ride with little pressure on the handle bars.

No pictures unfortunately but I did get my brother from another mother on the bike as he wanted a picture or three of himself on the bike. 😂😉

His wife was t so happy. 😂

He makes the bike look good and it's a perfect fit for his stature. 👍

I was helping him get his daughters Honda Element as seen in one of the pictures to swap out a bad rear wheel bearing assembly.

We used the storage to do the work as I had all the tools to get the job done.

3 days later we finished it. 🤨

Yeah it was a 3 hour job that took 3 days to finish no thanks to AutoZone ordering the wrong parts. 🙄🤬

Hence no more riding for me as I had no time but helping your best bud out for the sake of his daughter was worth every day missed riding.

I did snap a few shots of my Lady in Red with the new steed, KeRmiT the ZX4RR.

Last picture is how I put the bike away while I'm gone on the road for a few weeks.

Covered, clean, safe, and ready to rock next time I'm home🤙


Updated 04-22-2023

Finally got the chance to take the bike for a good long ride.

The weather was perfect for the time I was off so I took full advantage of the beautiful spring time weather unlike the last time I was home.

I packed the tail bag and tank bag on the bike and ran 150 miles taking care of a little business while Inwas out and riding to get that valuable seat time I'm needing.

Some pics.

This was the first time out on the bike since my crash in October of last year and although the injuries took some time to heal I was sooo ready to get back on 2 wheels again. 👏👏

Having changed the gearing to a 13 tooth front sprocket from the factory 14 tooth sprocket I'm switching back to 14 again.

The gearing was too short for me so back to stock it is.

In doing so I bought a lightened front sprocket from Norton Racing and I'll also have to change the chain since there is some bind in a few links probably when I crashed.

My review on the lightened throttle spring is mixed for now. 🤷🏼‍♂️

I'm not used to it. 😂 I'll take a few more rides on the bike and make a decision on whether to go back to stock or keep it.

The lightened spring is almost too soft and getting used to it is tough.

Back home in a few days with vacation time while I'm home so there'll be plenty of time to get some seat time and improve my riding.

Last couple of pics. 😁

Oh yeah getting some new gloves from EnvyRacingApparel and Plus-Racing to keep the hands safe and stylish and also want to thank Darwin at Envy for the race suit too.

I'll be test fitting the suit while home and breaking it in on the road so I can play wannabe race boy on the street. 😂😉

Thanks for looking. 🙏🏽🤙


Updated 02-14-2023

A short and quick update to the bike.

I'd ordered the two vent panels on the bike to replace the silver units which were the factory color for the bike.

The yellow pearl pieces are from the 2019 model and along with the yellow pearl frond fender makes a very nice color combination with the red bike. 🥰

It's a combination I've not seen on any other Ninja400 and why I chose it for my color combination.

So now the bike looks like it did before the crash with the exception of a few scratches I'll call character marks. 😂

I did not get a chance to ride it while home as it rained or threatened to rain each of the 5 days air was off. 😭🥺

All good as she'll be ready for the next time. 🤙

Here are some up to date pictures.


Updated 02-05-2023

It's been awhile since my last update here but life happenings take a high priority over updates but I've finally got some time to post. 😁

The bike ran great at CMP with ChampSchool but I unfortunately did have my first crash on track which did some minor damage to the bike and left me unable to continue my second day at the ChampSchool training. 😣

I did graduate even though I had a knee injury and ankle injury I attended all of the classes needed to complete the course.

I also missed my two days at N2TrackDays as well due to the crash.

Thank goodness I had all the protective parts on the bike as the damage wasn't all that bad.

I'm thankful for the protection and I did get the bike back in riding order again the first week of January.

I'll post those up shortly.

Here's a few of my favorite pics from ChampShool before the crash. 🫣

As of this update I've since drained the Water Wetter and distilled water, swapped my radiator for a high flow unit, added a green coolant with WaterWetter and distilled water to combat the freezing temps, and replaced all the scarred pieces that sacrificed themselves to protect the bike. 😎

Everything has been safety wired again and unfortunately to the long healing time of the knee and ankle have relegated me to riding the streets until fully healed and gaining some much needed seat time and experience. 👍

Some body panels had to be replaced but new pieces are on the way and will be reinstalled on the bike in several days while I spend some off time from being on the road.

Some recent pics of the bike all back together so I can ride it while home. It's been awhile. 🤪

I added a couple of picture of the radiator comparison factory OEM to the high flow unit, the new MotionPro overflow tank, and Spear Racing softer throttle spring for smoother throttle. 😍

Hopefully by years end and some seat time on the streets I'll be back on track for some new adventures.

Thanks for looking and more updates coming soon. 🙏🏽🤙


Updated 08-06-2022

After 10 months owning this bike this should be the final modification update I have. 👏👏

The tuned ecu from Norton MotorSports came back as did a few other parts to finish this bike build.

The bike was torn down for the install of the ecu and also the modified air box which is now complete with the BMC filter and TST velocity stacks.

One of the velocity stacks had some production issues so I was relegated to using some silicone glue on the threads on the problematic stack while adding a dot of glue on a couple of spots to make sure they stay in place on the air box.

Once that was done I proceeded to remove the OEM header from the bike, remove the O2 sensor and all the wiring as it's no longer needed with the tune, and installed the catless header I had Jet Hot coated to the bike.

I needed an O2 bung plug and an oil pan bolt worked perfectly using a crush washer to seal it all off. I did use some milspec anti seize to make sure it's removable if I ever had the need.

The new pipe was cut for the new Cs Racing exhaust which fit perfectly to the bike as good as any OEM would do. 😍

Now that the old exhaust was stored away this left me with no need for the exhaust support bracket so it was removed.

This really cleaned up the rear of the bike making it look more race oriented. 😁

I had to fab up a bracket for the rear master cylinder and it came out looking very nice.

My last safety wire project to do was the coolant drain plug and drilled a 7/32" hole being steady handed and careful and wired it up to finish all safety wire criteria by most track day organizations for intermediate and advanced riders.

Swapping the stock clutch cable for the Norton straight cable from the Ninja400 was a breeze and smoothed out the feel nicely for the clutch pull. 👍

And finally even though I don't do much track days I did buy a lap timer so installed it too for my next track event in mid October.

Another bracket fabbed to keep the timer locked down and can't wait to use it. 🤗😎

So the bike is now ready for the track with everything loctite and torqued to spec to keep the tech inspection guys happy and me not worrying about anything coming loose or falling off.

Here's some pics of the final product

This should be the last of the build.

The only thing I may add is the Yoyodyne slipper clutch if the stock clutch gives me problems with slippage.

Thanks for following this far and see you at the track. 🤙👍


Updated 07-20-2022

Some more progress to get the Ninja ready for Champ School and more track days.

I cleaned up the bike from the last track day and NEVER EVER use duct tape to cover your wheel weights as getting off the residue is a royal pain in the tail to remove. 🤦🏻

Next time I'll use blue painters tape. 😁

I finally got around to safety wiring the bike as most tracks require it if you've had experience on a track.

Even though I'm not that good yet Indo like the idea of things not coming loose on the track or the street too.

I blue loctite anything I may have missed and also used a paint pen to mark nuts and bolts in key areas of concern. 👍

I also installed a Brembo front rotor and some Vesra RJL brake pads to better handle the track environment and have generally better brakes than stock.

I did send off my spare ecu to Norton Motorsports for a full tune along with my velocity stacks and modified my spare air box for the bike as per Norton's recommendations.

This should allow for a nice 4-5 hp gain on the bike and also smoothing out the throttle response for better throttle control on the track and street.

I can't wait to see how she rides when done.

Another change to the bike is the new to me Corbin seat I got for $50. 🤫😄

This is the seat I've been waiting for as it's similar to stock height but a bit wider and even though the seat has better cushion similar to the foam racing seats, how they're flat, and slippery enough to move around nicely on the technical sections of a track.

Very nice seat and so the Norton custom seat will take a back seat to the Corbin now. 😂😉

Some more pics and more to come around August 24 when I'm back home once again. 🤙


Updated 06-29-2022

Wow where do start. 🤯

Let's start with the pictures as they always tell the story. 😁

I had a great time at Jennings GP for the one day track school and 2 days at the track to hi e some fundamentals and skills needed to get better.

The bike was flawless on its setup with the GSXR shock and Traxxion springs doing their job to keep the bike stable and make it handle like it was on rails.

Considering no real suspension setup it was on rails and went where you put it and cornered unbelievably around the technical sections of the track.

I have a ton to work on personally but the last 2 sessions of the last day there I finally got the body positioning for better cornering and again something I'll be working on in October at the 4 day track event at the Carolina MotorSports track doing ChampSchool and N2Track days. 🤗

I ordered a Brembo 5.5mm front rotor and the RJL pads which will be installed as soon as they come in.

Norton will be tuning the ECU for me when I ship it out in about 10 days and ready for install mid August as I prepare the bike for the mid October event.

This Ninja 400 is an amazing platform and everything put into it is paying off with a sweet riding bike for the street or the track.

Going home in a week, picking up a new trailer while home, and hope to ha e some street ride time as well.

Happy 4th of July all and enjoy the Summer. 🙏 Until next time. 🤙


Updated 04-23-2022

Finally the Ninja is done. 🥳🤗

After dumping the stock 10 weight fluid for some 15 weight fluid and adding some TST velocity stacks to the bike it's ready.

Scorpion alarm is also hooked up and wired as is the IRC quick shifter but there was no shift rod in the package so that will be finished at Jennings for the track day.

I also changed up some bodywork on the bike to some 2018 panels in a pearl factory yellow/ orange color to liven up the bike even more and get the color scheme the way I wanted. It's perfect and pictures do it no justice.

Everything is back together again, locktite, and torqued to spec and even used a paint pen on various parts to make sure nothing will be coming loose.

After the track school and track day I'll be safety wiring all the new titanium parts added so the next track day I'll have no issues passing tech.

Radiator was drained and refilled with track spec distilled water and WaterWetter by Redline. 👍

No time to ride again but my time will come and maybe next time I'm home I'll get a day to ride and break in the bike a bit more.

Some pics below to enjoy. 🥰

I'll have a full report on the happenings of the track school and track day with lots of pics.

I'm so stoked to go and also nervous too. 😁


Updated 04-11-2022

Preparations continue for my first ever track school and track day coming June 19. 🤗

I am so excited and nervous as heck but like anything in a new sport the butterflies will be many as that day approaches.

I've bought all my safety wire tools and wire to prep the bike for track and it also makes me feel a bit better to know that all the important key nuts and bolts will remain tight and never come loose.

I also am using blue locktite on everything that can come loose so I'll never have that issue of parts falling off.

It's almost finished for riding and hopefully when I'm home this week I'll have some street time on the bike to do some low speed maneuver training and putting some much needed miles on the engine and tires to get her ready for the track in May.

I'll be changing the shifting to Grand Prix specific for the track and should have no problems shifting this way on the street.

I purchased a quick shifter that electronically shifts the bike for upshifts and again this is for the track and also it's sounds pretty cool going through the gears when street riding. 😂😁

All my riding gear is finally ready with a new Spidi racing suit that actually fits and a new leather riding jacket for the streets that's also pretty cool as well.

The car has the trailer hitch attached and the trailer will be sporting new led indicator pods as one if the factory units was damaged so I had to replace them.

I'll have all the info and pictures of the school and track day events on the next post so stay tuned. 🙏

In the mean time here's a few pictures of the trailer, the bike, and me getting things ready for travel. 😎


Below are older posts starting from the first post to 12-21-2021 time line.

All future posts will be from the newest to the oldest format so most recent updates will be the top of the lists.

Thanks for looking.

These are pictures from the dealership at Suzuki City in Biloxi MS as I paid for the bike and got ready to pick it up a couple of days later. $5,800 out the door with a 1 year warranty.

I bought this because after the Accent broke down and had to have a best bud get me around while I fixed the car I realized that I needed a second vehicle to drive. The Honda was that vehicle but with all that's being done to it and the length of time to finish I needed something new and reliable.

The Ninja300 and 400 have a solid reputation for being a great beginners bike, track bike, and all around bike that can be built to suit whatever riding style you have. This is why I bought one and my desire to ride was overwhelming as I'm no longer a young buck anymore and time is ticking. 😝

Here's the most up to date pictures with the TechSpec tank grips, TST tail delete, NortonMotorsport clutch cable return spring mod, Leo Vince slip on can, and a nice smoked wind screen to spruce up the bike a bit. 😍

So far I've got 68 miles on it with 56 mpg fuel efficiency so far. 👍

New tag for the bike will have WHEEE as a custom tag as that's how I feel when I ride her. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

Heres a quick video up to date of the bike. 😍

More to come on this bike, it's upgrades, and all of the good stuff along the way.



A little late with the posting but I do stay busy so here's some updates. 😁

After putting in 68 miles on the bike I decided to change the break in oil with Kawasaki standard 10W40 oil and a new filter. Magnetic drain plug installed and new billet oil cap with tether added too.

I also installed a GSXR 1000 rear adjustable shock as the spring in it is perfect for my weight and the shock is fully adjustable for compression and rebound damping. Stock shock is non-adjustable and I wanted something better. 👍

I also installed Norton Motorsports adjustable rear sets on the bike for better ergo and also installed the Puig foot pegs base and their foot pegs. 😍

You'll also notice the gold dress up kit for the fairings which look good on the red and will match the gold wheels coming soon. 🥰

I did add a radiator cover to protect the radiator from rocks and debris while I had the fairings off. 1.6 bar radiator cap also added for a cooler bike and a TST Pair delete that I didn't take pictures of. 🤷

BoosterPlug fueler piggy back controer to help with the below 3500 rpm throttle control and to smooth out the fueling at those rpm's.

It will also help with the fueling as the slip on muffler means the bike out a bit.

In the pictures below I have my new Aria helmet, radiator cover, and the already purchased gold MOS forged wheels for the bike and the rest of the mods to go on the bike soon. 🙌

I do plan on going to Yamaha Champ School in October 2022 in North Carolina for their 2 day school. After the school on Thursday and Friday the following Saturday and Sunday there will be a track day I'll be attending to further my training of what I learned from the school.

All the parts in the world will not make you a better rider and going to this school, one of the best out there, is something I've wanted to do for some time to be a good rider on street and track.

I can't wait and I'll be taking the baby Ninja with me for the events.

Happy Holidays to all and I'll post up again in the New Year. 😇😎


Man way to much progress to list done to the bike as I prepare it for it's first track day coming soon.

Jennings GP in Georgia is where I'll be going for my first track day and I'm pretty much prepped with all the gear I need to be protected and looking good. 😁

I updated the modifications list too.

Keeping it short this time here are a few pictures of how she sits at the moment.

More updates coming as the preparation continues. 👍


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