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The 2015 Hyundai Accent Updated 05-20-2023

Updated: May 20

Updated 04-19-2023

Here is the list of modifications so far. This will be updated as progress is made on the car and when time allows.

Drivetrain/ Chassis

AEM cold air intake with K&N filter.

OBX Racing 4-1 stainless steel header Evilla 2 point front subframe brace.  

Evilla x-brace subframe brace modified.

Evilla Motorsport V2 torsion bar SxthElement lightweight NST water pump and crank pulleys.

Chase Bays 20oz 6061 billet windshield washer fluid tank.

Setrab 19 row oil cooler w/ integral cooling fan, Setrab isolation mounting bracket, 

Two catch cans using 1 Mishimoto 3 port and one Mishimoto 2 port catch cans utilizing Mishimoto 7.5 ounce bottoms for more volume and drain intervals-all vented to air via K&N filters.  

Whiteline adjustable sway bar end links from Evilla MotorSports.


NRG gen2 quick release. NRG short hub adaptor. NRG reinforced steering wheel. Torque Solution billet 3" shifter extension. SoCalGarage billet shifter base bushings. Dewhel shift boot adaptor-modified for reverse lockout modification SickSpeed gold weighted shift knob. Ultragauge OBD2 scan gauge. OnlineLedStore 4 gang switch box. Holley stand-alone CanBus programmable led shift light hard wired. AutoMeter gauge pods mounted on dash cowl. Two 2.5 pound BC fire extinguishers for safety and track use. Hope I never need them. 😂😳 MiddTown Company billet front seat quick release fire extinguisher mount. Corbeau Forza fixed back racing seats on Corbeau modified Toyota sliders. Weather tech front floor mats. Sparco aluminum pedal set hard mounted

Rear seats removed for weight reduction


Subaru aftermarket lip modified and installed on front bumper.

Custom made side skirts using J-Channel skirting for trailers. Full debadge of the entire car. Korean OEM factory rear spoiler painted factory white. KDMHolic lower led rear bumper lights. Custom led side marker lights front and rear.

Modified lower front upper and lower grill to allow more air flow to the radiator and oil cooler. Functional corner fog light openings for air flow to cai and oil cooler. Verus Engineering '15 Ford Fiesta ST hood louvers from Whoosh MotorSports. Rennline steel front tow hook hard mounted to crash bar.

Curt trailer hitch for towing the bike.

Wheel and Tire

OZ Racing Alleggerrita HLT 16"X7" wide with 42 offset. 13.7 lb wheels. Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 UHP Summer tires 205/45/16 87W XL

My backup wheels and tires 😍 Konig Rewind rims with 15x7 size and 40 offset 14 pound weight each. Yokohama S1 UHP summer tire with 205/50R15 size.

McGard wheel lug with red tips. H&R springs 949Racing billet valve stems in red


Updated 05-20-2023

Just when you'd think I'd add some more modifications to the car to improve performance I actually did the reverse. 😳

I did it in a good way. 😁

First the NVH or noise, vibration, and harmonics were too much for me and the car.

If this were a track car or a drag car the upper and lower mounts would be perfect but when you daily the car and have occupants with you it's too much to bear. 🥴

So I remedied the problem with a completely stock upper mount installed in place of the TurboTech Racing race upper mount.

30 minutes and the job was done.

The upper mount was the main contributor to all the NVH in the car so this was the first thing to change.

I'm keeping the TTR race mount for my hopefully future turbo motor so off into the bin box it goes.

Some before and after pictures.

I also removed the lower SxthElement dogbone mount and installed a new OEM mount with Pierce Motorsports polyurethane inserts of 75 durometer compared to the 85 race durometer of the Sxth mount. 15 minutes later it was done.

Sxth mount goes in the bin box for the future turbo motor. 😁


Let me tell you with both mounts changed it was such a dramatic difference. 🥰

All vibrations quelled by the new mounts but there is still enough stiffness in the lower mount to have excellent shifts with barely increased driveline lash compared to the race setup.

I am a happy camper with the car and driving it is like a new car it's so smooth.

You can actually hear the exhaust now as it should be and man do I love that symphony of sound coming from behind the car.

One other mod I did or actually un-did is remove the shifter extension.

I enjoyed the feel and ease of using the longer shifter but wanted something different.

I love the shorter shifter and pleases the boy racer in me.

I also took some pictures of the front lip to show how I reinforced the lip to be solid on the bumper and be able to hold up to an occasional scrape as has happened a few times. 🤪

Here is the link for the lip on Amazon.

So that's about it for this round and I'm happy with what's been done and it's a nice change.

Thanks for looking and happy Memorial Day. 👍


Updated 04-22-2023

First I'd like to give a shout out to Jeremy Joshies for his wonderful comments about my car and also for his own Accent that he's personalizing as well.

Here's a tribute to his car and thanks Jeremie. 🙏🏽🤙

Hopefully when I get home in about a week I'll have time to clean up my own ride, ceramic coat it again, and change the brake fluid after 40,000 miles on the clock so far.

I bought a stock OEM upper engine mount and lower dogbone mount to be installed to reduce some of the harsh NVH or noise, vibration, and harmonics.

The vibrations are too much and even though I'm going back to stock the lower dog bone mount will have 75 durometer bushings already installed into the mount to maintain a nice sturdy and solid feel from suppressed motions of the engine.

Both upper and lower performance mounts will be reused when the turbo motor and transmission go into the car.

I'll have some pics up on the next update with the OEM mounts and also post up a review. Hopefully the ride will be less buzzing but still keep that solid feel I love when banging through the gears. 🤙


Updated 02-19-2023

Yes new updates and some changes I never thought I would do. 🫣

First I finally changed the transmission fluid using the Royal Purple Max Gear 75w90 gear oil.

40,000 miles on the car so far and the gearbox is smooth as butter now. 😁

I tried to change out the bushings on the SxthElement lower engine mount with 76 durometer bushings replacing the 82 durometer race bushings but could not for the life of me remove the spring pins from the mount.

I'm trying to eliminate the NVH in the car or noise, vibration, and harmonics that are just too much for me when taking long road trips.

So I bought a stock OEM lower mount for cheap on eBay and a stock upper OEM mount from the same to help with this problem.

Pierce MotorSports has the 75 durometer bushings that fit the OEM lower mount so I'll be installing both new OEM mounts next time I'm home.

I'm keeping the upper mount made by TurboTech Racing and Sxth mount and will use them for the turbo motor install where I'll need them for the higher output turbo motor.

I never thought I'd go back to stock on anything changed to the car but if that's what it takes to have a nicer quieter ride with better than stock performance I'll take it any day. 👍

I swapped the OZ wheels to the Rota wheels so that both sets of wheels and tires can wear evenly over their life.

I like both sets and it's akin to changing your shoes every once in a while. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

No pictures of any kind but I'll have some next time I'm home making the motor mount swaps.

Thanks for looking. 🙏🏽


Updated 11-01-2022

It's been awhile and yes I'll finally be able to get some work and maintenance done on the car. 🤗🤓

After a 1300 mile trip towing the bike and all my gear to Carolina Motorsports Park she ran perfectly at 75-80 mph with an average of 29 mpg.

That's not bad considering the load on the car and speed with air conditioning when needed.

Once I was back home I had to empty my catch cans as one was nearly full and the other about a 1/4 full of gunk.

I didn't have time to empty them before leaving so yeah if you have catch cans make sure you empty them regularly. 👍

So now it's time for some maintenance like changing the transmission fluid and bleeding the brakes too.

Royal Purple MaxGear 75w90 will be used for the tranny and Motul RBF600 for the brake bleed and clutch.

I've finally gotten 40,000 miles on the car so changed the oil, filter, and also sending a sample to BlackStone for an oil analysis.

The last analysis was great with a 6,000 mile interval and the same 6k interval for this oil change.

I'm also going to change the lower engine mount bushings on the SxthElement mount to the 76 durometer bushings which are a softer compound than the 82 race compound on the car now.

This should eliminate some vibration on the car so we will see how it works.

Since my tail is dragging when I'm towing the bike I will be installing the DGR rear coilovers so I can set the preload up a bit and add an inch of lift when towing to keep things at an even keel.

I'm taking the time to make marks for the two settings for towing and not towing on the coilovers and if I'm right should take very little time to set for tow and reset for normal when preparing to go to the track.

I'll also be adding the Evilla rear torsion bar specific for coilovers and probably selling the other Evilla bar once installed.

Finally got to wash the car and detailed it and also plan on a deep clean on the interior too.

Some pics. 👍

Updated 06-29-2022

The Accent was flawless towing the bike on a 709 mile round trip to Jennings Florida and had no issues with hauling the bike.

Got about 32-34 mpg on the trip running a/c the whole trip and ran great.

The hitch was solid as a rock and handled me standing in the hitch ball rocking the rear of the car up and down to make sure it'll handle the 200+ pounds of tongue weight. 😂

It did so I was quite confident to haul the bike.


Updated 04-23-2022

Just a quick update on the car I finally got to wash it. 😂🤷

After months of rain when I'm home it finally got done and is nice and clean in the storage waiting for me to come home so I can add another coat of ceramic coating to keep the paint perfect.

After mo the of abuse and no wash it still beads strong and the paint is still a mirror shine.

Long trip to JenningsGP mid May and the car will be ready to tow the bike and get me on track. 😁

First long trip in a long time.

Just a clue of pics I took out of the truck.

More to come.


Updated 04-11-2022

I finally took the time to install the Curt trailer hitch onto the car so I can pull the new trailer with bike to travel.

I went a different direction with the install of the trailer in hopes of adding a bit more load capacity than how normal installation would give.

Instead of using the supplied hardware which uses only the bottom side of the frame rail of the car using existing holes I decided to drill through the frame rail and bolt through for a better mount.

Here's a few pics of the install on how I did it.

I'm hoping this will increase the tongue weight of the hitch mostly for when I tow the Honda motorcycle as it weighs 567 pounds with the trailer weighing 300 pounds.

This Ace trailer has most of the weight biased to the front so going this extra length should work.

Here's a couple pics of the trailer.

I'll be testing it out when I'm home this week to make sure everything will be ready for the trip to Georgia. 👍

No real updates on the car as it's on indefinite hold for now while I play on the bike on a real track acting like a wannabe MotoGP rider. 😂🤫

Updates on the car will be few and far between as once I'm finished with the Ninja the VTR1000 will be next up for completion and back on the road again.

Priorities have to be set and I want all bikes up and running for decisions to then be made to further progress on the car.

Oh and here's a few pics of the car with a 2016 Veloster turbo of my would be nephew that needed help adding some performance parts to it.

I did remove stickers on the Accent to clean it up and since I doubt I'll be tracking the cat as once thought there are no need for the stickers removed. 😉

More to come in May so stay tuned for updates. 🤙


Posts below are from the begining post or oldest post to the 12-21-2022 post.

All new posts will be at the top for a newest post to older posts format.

I'm hoping this will help the blog and keep users from scrolling through all the older posts first.

Thanks for looking.

From the beginning

Here are some pictures when the car was rear ended while I was at a stop light and a lady was paying no attention while texting. 😳🤕 Hit and run at 35mph. $4400 in damage but got her back in great shape once more. 👍


Once I got the car back the modifications to my dream car began. Some pictures to do the talking. 👍

Here is how I made my custom side skirts using J-channel for mobile home siding and looks as good as factory 🤫😉

Cold air intake installed with heat tape using AEM components. AEM dry filter replaced with larger K&N filter.

I used the Paseo seat brackets from Corbeau and modified the brackets with hard steel brackets to make them fit the Accent Solid as a rock and worked great 🙌


So now it was time for some more profound additions to the car.

First some light weight pulley's. 😍

Next I installed some Whiteline adjustable swaybar end links for my lowering springs by H&R and soon DGR coilovers.

And finally a few pictures of how she sits so far. She's coming along nicely. 🔥😜


I figured since it may be some time before I continue on this build so I'll put up a video of the ride so you see it's current state of build. 🤷🏼‍♂️😉👍


Small update on the car as my spare valve cover for the turbo motor is finished. It now has 3 -6AN ports for the crankcase emissions and has been powder coated in a gorgeous red for a bit of some bling under the hood.

Ive also obtained some Russel fuel adaptors for the high pressure and in tank fuel pumps so I can finally route my stainless steel braided hose for the fuel system upgrade I'll need for the turbo. I'll also be installing the Fuel Lab 10 micron fuel filter to keep debris out of the injectors and running great. Here's the pics for valve cover and filter.

More to come so stay tuned. 👍🤟


Finally had time to update a bit.

The above is one of the best modifications you can do for a cars cooling. I never thought I would put holes in my hood but the effort was well worth it. Verus Engineering has the best hood vents and with a ton of measuring and using their templates you see the results. 😍👍


Oil cooler install as I'll need this once I'm turbo'd.

Setrab makes one of the best oil coolers and used by many Motorsports teams for their coiling needs. 19 row compact oil cooler with integral fan so I don't have to worry about having it direct air flow. 160 degree thermostat before the cooler does its thing. Custom lower bracket and electrically hooked up to a switch on the dash and vent opening for air flow has been enlarged- not pictured 😁


Catch cans are doing their job. All are vented to air instead of directed back into the engine for a cleaner intake tract and NO crankcase emissions going back into the engines. This will be my setup for the turbo motor as well but will be using a dual catch can and single instead of 3 that I'm now using.

First picture is how much gunk is collected in a 1500 mile interval. 😳😬

All that would've been going back to the engine. 🤦🏻


Finally an update to the car and a much needed maintenance too. I finally changed the oil in the car after 6,000 miles, changed the OEM filter with another, and went back to iridium plugs again after having copper plugs since the last oil change. Here's what they looked like after 6k miles. They look absolutely great considering how hard I drive the car and that they're cheap copper plugs. 🤷🏼‍♂️😜

I also managed to find me a 2017 Veloster Turbo engine wiring harness so I can use the various connections needed for the turbo swap that aren't on the Accent harness. This was a great find and took some of the worry out of finding a harness I need. 🙏🏽🤟

And now for the best mod I've done to the car in some time. I bought an OBX 4-1 header for the car to eliminate the cat and provide the best flow possible for better performance. I wasnt disappointed. 🙌

I was surprised at the quality of the primary tubes smooth transitions, the nice welds, and all around attention to the details of making a straight forward header.

It's not a top end header but for what it is it's a great product for the price and I'm quite happy with it. I also had to get a mini catalyst sensor for the secondary bank 2 O2 sensor to keep the cel light from coming on as there's no catalytic convert in the exhaust now. So far so good. 👍

mini catalytic converter
Mini catalytic converter

Here's some pictures of it installed and it was a rough two days with the car up on stands and swapping this header in. I remembered some curse words all over again while doing all the work. 😂🥴

And here's a quick review. The sound is absolutely intoxicating. 😍

A very nice roll on trumpet of sound when giving it throttle in all the gears, sweet burbles and pops on deceleration, and once above the 5,500 rpm range the CVVT kicks in and out comes the race car tone from the back end. Power has increased from 3,000 and up while 70 mph throttle roll on power is accentuated as well. I wouldn't change a thing and after listening to many n/a Velosters and Accents I've got to say none sound as good and potent as mine. 🤷🏼‍♂️😉😜

Some sound clips.


Update 5-24-2021

Car is running great and no codes yet for the lack of any catalytic converters on the car. The mini catalyst sensor is working nicely and probably why is because when I installed it I made sure it was not protruding into the exhaust flow but installed flush with the piping. 👍😁

Finally got a brand new turbo from Joseph Carillo or @TooGqForYou on the IG at a phenomenal price. 🙏🏽👍

This will be the turbo to start with but I will be getting the stage2 stuffed turbo from QwikTyme Performance so I'll have an awesome turbo to upgrade the power level when that time comes. Stick turbo should be good for 250hp and stage2 from 300-400 hp. 😍😜

I also bought a spare ecu for the car so that one can be stock and the other tuned. Ive shipped off the spare ecu to QwikTyme so he can cut his teeth on doing a n/a ecu and hopefully the tune works for this build and would be a nice lagniappe to the car. We will see when I'm home again and swap out the ecu's and take her for a spin.

Hyundai Accent ECU's
Got my spare ECU for tuning

My catch cans needed to be revamped and I was draining these every 1000 miles or so. It was time for some upgrading and a more efficient setup. So I bought some Mishimoto extended bottoms for their catch cans going from a mere 2.5 ounce to 7 ounces of volume. This should help with breathing and give an extended interval to draining too. Going from a 3 can to a 2 can setup helps with more space under the hood. The pcv and fresh air can is now a 3 port while the other can is a 2 port providing extra breathing at the valve cover.

Mishimoto Catch Can
Larger Catch Can bottom by Mishimoto

Finally I got my Curt trailer hitch to haul the bike when needed and will probably install sometime next year when I have my trailer and bike finished.

Here's some updated photos too. 😁

Thanks for looking.🙏🏽 More to come. 👍


Fresh update from the last time I was home and yup I finally got some new wheels and tires for the ride. 😍😁

I wanted something bigger than the 15" Konigs even though I absolutely love the setup on the car. I was also looking for something other than the mainstream silver, black, and every standard color out there so I figured I'd be bold and get red for the color. After days of looking for the right wheel at the right price point and weight I was looking for the OZ Racing was it.

When comparing weight of the Konig setup at 32 pounds per wheel with tire the OZ wheel and tire came in at 29 pounds for a 3 pound saving per corner. 😎

The red really goes well with the cars theme and am quite happy with the fitment and looks. Have a look. 😍

They look marvelous.

I also sent the turbo housing to Jet Hot for their 2,500 degree ceramic coating to keep the engine bay a bit cooler without having to use header wrap. I'll also be doing the down pipe when I buy it soon and also the stuffed turbo housing when I buy it as well. I also added some pictures of the rear seat delete for weight reduction and to clear the trunk area for the water/ meth setup and soon to be installed Curt trailer hitch. 😁

Back to work on the bike for the next couple of home times so car updates will be a bit slow. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks for looking. 👍



Happy Holidays everyone.

Just a quick update that I'm excited about and not just for me but the Kia and Accent community.

QwikTyme tuning and Xclusive tuners have collaborated to tune my spare ECU.

It works. 🙌

I installed the tuned unit and there's more power and better acceleration throughout the rpm's.

So far the tune consists of a 6% gain in torque output, a 3 degree timing increase across the board, and more fuel added for anything above 3500 rpm.

It needs tweaking and that will happen next time I'm home as I data log the car and send that information to QwikTyme for further adjustments to the tune.

This is exactly what the car needs

Some pics.

More to come.


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