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Team Melee-my team and Paintball life

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Team Melee was started with 3 original members, me, Sean, Kenneth, and went on to become an eventual 5 man team where we played all over the SouthEast.

5 years managing the team as a team player and coach, we started from the bottom, and with hard weekly practices on our own homemade field to going to paintball fields all over the South, we came to be a great winning team.

Team Melee played some of the best Southern teams to become a formidable team that went on to play all the local tournaments and regional tournaments where we got to meet some great teams and players.

After 5 years as a team certain team players went on to join other higher level teams to play in the largest tournaments around the country in the NXL and NPPL.

I went on to coach another team we called the Bobcats out of Mobile Alabama at the home of Bob's Paintball.

To be continued........

Me and Sean at a SWAT Paintball tournament in our second year of playing. I funded the team for the 5 years and bought all of the equipment needed to make this team run efficiently and effectively so my players woudn't have to worry about having to buy anything. All they had to worry about was to get better and shoot faces. lol

Yup the spoils of paintball and nobody ever says it's not going to hurt but as I always told my team if you're focusing on shooting the other player and getting in his/ her face and you get shot, you won't feel it. Until later. lol

Team Melee as a 5 man team playing at one of the Swat Paintball series tournaments.

This was our first try at a 5 man team and was a great learning experience considering we really didn't have any practice time as a team to drill etc.

This is where it all got started at a place we called the pit.

We started playing woodsball and eventually made these bunkers to hide behind and so began the adventure we called paintball.

Our first ever tournament as a team in Panama City Florida. We won our only 1st place victory as a 3 man team and considering how new we were I think luck had a lot to do with the victory. 🤷😁

But as a team it was the start of a process of growing and ever learning the sport which we would call our life and passion.

Our 3 man tournament at Bob's Paintball in which we won 3rd place against some well established teams from all around the Southeast. This tourney was later in the Melee saga with Sean in the red, Terry a former pro player and veteran of the sport, and me in the blue gunning down the opposition.

The original Team Melee crew.

From left to right, it's Kenneth, Matt, and Sean. I'm taking the picture.

When we went to the tournaments we always stayed at the Motel 6 since at that time it was rather cheap to let us get there a day or two early for the tournament and get settled in.

We'd then go to the paintball field where the tournament was being held and walked the field to learn the shooting points and where you can make moves to get closer to your opposition.

Good times were had and memories that have lasted for everyone that played.

Here's another shot of a Swat 5 man tournament we did. I took a break from playing so one of the other kids could get in to play since I had one extra or two available to play so they'd get some learning experience.

As a team I focused on everyone playing the game as that was the only way to learn the full aspects of the game and to learn from the best teams we played against.

It wasn't easy at first as we were always blasted by the better teams but we never gave up on our journey. Eventually those same teams blasting us were blasted by us because of the determination to be the best and beat the best.


So here are some of the most recent pictures of me actually playing when Kyle and I went to GulfCoastPaintball in Slidell La and joined in on a team practice amongst D2 and D3 teams. Im the old guy in blue and the tall guy in the other pictures. Kyle and I played well against the seasoned players of the divisional teams. I was in the best shape of my life and all the gym time and training payed off at this practice. 👍

This same team called Gulf Coast Paintball Hurricanes we played with are now a Pro team in the NXL Paintball League. 👍

Here is a video if you can make it out through the netting. Best game ever. 😍😜

That's me in there somewhere. 😂

My time in the sport is now over as I pursue my time and life to be a good rider on track doing track days.

The people I've met, grown up with, and watched grow up as well has been one if the best experience I've ever had in life.

This game of paintball has changed my life and view of life to become better everyday, to work hard for what you want, and be that shining light that everybody sees.

Thanks for following this journey. 🙏🤙


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